Note from the Mayor: January 24, 2021

The month of January has been busy.  The Council has added a new Council member Christie Ayers.  Christie is a valuable asset to the Town Council.  She was leader of the 5K Run on the First Christmas on Main event.  She will be sworn in at the next meeting in February.

The Senior Center is being managed by Jennie Anglin and she is doing a great job.  Dale McElroy is our driver for meals and is doing a great job. We will place their photo on our website as soon as possible.

The Ranburne Area Civic Club is being formed and will be up and going soon.

There are no updates for COVID vaccinations at this time.  We will always post information as we get it.

We now have a link for business on our website to place their information for our residents in Ranburne and the Ranburne Area.

Our Town of Ranburne and the Ranburne Community Group, Facebook pages will attempt to keep everyone up to date as well.

We are looking at having a Planning and Development Commission for the Town of Ranburne.

We have worked with Alabama Power to place a street light at the intersection of Frank Ledbetter Memorial Drive and Hwy 46.  This is a very dark corner at night.

The Department of Transportation is working with the Town about our School lights that flash in the morning and afternoon as school is starting and ending.

I feel blessed to be a part of the Cleburne Leadership Group.  Cleburne County has some interesting things going on and other things to come.  I will keep you informed as I find them.  Especially for the Ranburne area.  Habit for Humanity is looking to come into Cleburne County.  This will be a great thing if it does.


Rodney Brown