Note from the Mayor

Mayor’s Note
Good morning everyone !! I am pleased to announce that all of is well in Ranburne. I again want to Thank everyone for the opportunity to serve as your Mayor. It is a big responsibility and a blessing all at the same time. I have a wonderful Council to work with. We are in the process of working with the East Alabama Planning Commission on a Comprehensive Plan for the Town. This is a project that is needed to move forward with the future of Ranburne and future of development of Ranburne. I will try and keep everyone informed with this project. A Planning Commission and Zoning Board has been selected and will be working with the East Alabama Commission. Stay tuned for future updates on this very important project for the Town.
A flagpole has been ordered and will go up soon at the Town Hall. Thanks to Terry Hendrix and the Cleburne County Commission for their help with the flagpole.
The Senior Center is still not open for our Seniors but we are still delivering meals. Jennie Bradbury is doing a great job taking care of our Seniors. We are thankful to East Alabama for providing the meals that are delivered. Hopefully the Senior Center will open soon. Our Seniors are an important part of our community.
East Alabama Commission will also be working with the Town on the vacant property. The Council will be looking into grants available for the property.
Hopefully exciting times are ahead for the Town as we prepare for a great future for Ranburne.
Rodney Brown, Mayor