Meet Our City Clerk, Pamela Thompson


Pamela Thompson – City Clerk for the Town of Ranburne

City Clerk for the Town of Ranburne, oversee the day-to-day clerical functions of the Town including attending City Council meetings, researching agenda issues, maintaining comprehensive records, and administering general and special elections. Serve as the City’s Elections Officers by supervising the issuance and verification of nomination papers, providing information to candidates, and ensuring timely filing as required by the Election Code. Maintain accurate up-to-date filing of City ordinances, agreements, resolutions and minutes of City Council, commissions and committees and certified official City documents as needed. Review State and Federal legislation, court decisions, administrative ruling, and related matters to determine if City policies and procedures comply and managed accounts payable, accounts receivable, utility billing and cash management. Keeping up with the books, Business Licenses, Insurance Licenses, Payroll, Minutes for each council meeting, preparing for council meetings, Taxes for the Town, organizing meetings for the Town, mail, deposits, phone, working with public, Working with the Mayor of the Town.


Magistrate for the Town of Ranburne, Research legal issues and evaluate information provided, claim applications and records. Preside over hearings and listens to arguments proposed by opposing parties. Determine whether the information present supports the claims, charges or dispute proposed. Handled all fines, conducted bond reviews, set bail amounts based on evidence, set-up court, mail out notices for court dates. Handled all money for courts, making sure all codes are up to date. Work with other attorneys, handled all forms that goes to the State of Alabama, Montgomery. Account payable and Account receivable mail, deposit, phone and working with the public. Most of all working with the Judge.

I genuinely enjoy my job and getting to know everyone in the community.